DIY Home Online was started because I was finding it difficult to keep track of all the best DIY related information I have found on the web. I wanted somewhere to keep a record of all the great information I had found about DIY and share it with you, whether its DIY guides in form of pictures, clips or articles.

I like many of you was paying out thousands upon thousands to workmen to do work. But when I watched what they were doing some of the stuff was easy, and given a little instruction I could have done it myself. I have set up this website to try and help all those people out there that would like to save some money and don’t mind giving something a go using some of the best guides available on the web.

To assist you in your DIY projects via this website I will compiled the best DIY guides available on the internet. Hopefully by using this website it will enable you to save time searching the web for the guide you need, and actually start those home DIY projects.

I have caught the DIY bug myself and because of this renovated two houses, which was a lot of hard work but worth it in the end.

I am opening up this website to everything and anything DIY related.

  • Show your DIY guides in the form of pictures or clips.
  • Post your DIY TIPS.
  • Ask questions about DIY.
  • Post information about your DIY projects.
  • Post funny DIY clips, pictures or stories (I don’t want this website to be too serious all the time).

I hope you will find this website useful and fun to use.

Don’t forget to bookmark this website or share with your friends.

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